What we do

The Signature Charity Foundation has two key objectives.

Firstly to assist local people in their time of need when faced with illness or sudden loss. We offer a Signature Care Package to read more about this program please click here.


Since 2005, we have assisted 48 families in their time of need. We have included two stories’ from local Geelong Families we have helped.

Husband and dad of teenage children; terminally ill, with Crohins disease:

Signature Charity Foundation Geelong has been greatly appreciated by our family in our time of need when my husband became very ill and within a short period of time our family situation changed dramatically.

They offered us vouchers which helped us financially and also Gilda offered help to me as a friend and without their help I would hate to imagine what situation our family would have been in. They are a fantastic charity organisation in Geelong region helping local families.

They certainly helped our family in a challenging time of need.
As people of proud family morals the help was easy and comfortable to access.

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


A young family; wife and two children lost their dad/husband suddenly:

Never in my wildest dreams-or worst nightmares did I ever think it would be my family needing help. Your support, both physically and emotionally meant so much to me.

I hope you know how grateful I am, you’ve been such a help to me, not just with the charity night but also for someone I can talk to-whether it be about the kids, hard things I’ve had to face or to just share a funny story with.

It’s hard to realize that the kids will never again hear their Dad say ‘I love you’, kiss them goodnight, read them stories, watch them play sport, or simply enjoy another family mealtime. We were so blessed to have him in our lives, albeit much too briefly. The children amaze me every day with stories of their Dad-most of them I know but every now & then there will be one I haven’t heard & it’s like he is here with us all over again, which is wonderful but heartbreaking at the same time.


The second objective is to engage local community members and provide a vehicle for Geelong businesses to give back to those in need within our local area. This is achieved through annual events. Please check our upcoming events.


If you or an organisation you work for are looking to hold an event to support a specific cause or our charity, please contact us for more information.