Signature Care Package

Expanding our commitment to making a difference to the lives of Geelong families and individuals as they commence their journey on the road to recovery.


Signature Care Package is designed perfectly for those recovering from an illness.

  • To provide an educated pathway of recovery for those in need and an opportunity to seek advice and direction from some of Geelong’s leading health professionals.
  • To assist during both the treatment and recovery stages and providing those in need a chance to return to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Tailoring ‘Care Packages’ based on the individual’s needs in the form of naturopathic advice, homoeopathy, nutrition and physical therapies.
  • To continue to seek health care providers in the Geelong region who share our passion and heartbeat and to nurture these relationships.
  • To assist people to feel better, grow stronger and to find their passion to live well again.


Signature Care Package is proudly supported by:

  • Claridge Naturopathics
  • The Sanctuary
  • Stoofa’s Fitness